IMG_5785.JPG go to my other auction site or blog spot, this might be it for ChickenGeorge on Ebay, the end is near on to the secondary market?

still alive and kicking


yeap its , what 206 now i need to do a review of the babes of CDC and the exit out of san marc

i was thinking of this song its created who i am now, in retrosopect


these paintings are what i consider classic work me and Red loves these works.
its basicly inspired me to do the whole jolly chimp deal


whoa boy Stratton Possum sure has everybody fooled but look whats going on who is jacking who!


and ol red has posted out rare colbrative

only 3 pieces gonna go up this time
so whats going , who checks this blog? well its friday 13th comming up this Nov, i have lots of goodies comming folks


go to this site for auction news about this piece

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